Orrefors Palmqvist 1944 Engraved Butterfly Miniature Vase

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Tiny vintage vase with hand engraved butterfly. Good for toothpicks or coffee stirrers, too!
2" x 1.5" x 3" (51mm x 38mm x 76mm)

Designed by Sven Palmqvist in 1944, and Copper Wheel Engraved in 1950, this handblown glass vase is a perfect little memento of Swedish culture in the mid 20th century.

The Orrefors story began in 1726, when an ironworks and smith was built near “the beautiful river that flows into Lake Orranäs” in the Swedish countryside. It was given the name Orrefors, which means “the Orre waterfall.” ("Orre" is the Swedish name for the black grouse, which is the bird seen on their iconic labels.) The foundry was converted to a glassworks in 1898, as the demand for iron decreased. By the mid-1920s, Orrefors was celebrated for the quality and beauty of its glass.

Orrefors employed master artists and craftsmen, some of whom worked their whole careers of 40, 50, or more years with the company. Sven Palmqvist (1906-1984) was born in the glass district of southern Sweden and started his career with Orrefors in 1928, where he remained until 1972. In those years, he designed hundreds of engraved glass motifs. According to his daughter, to whom I am connected through an online glass group, he had a particular fondness for portraying people and animals.

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