Crystal Vase with Eagle, Sun, and Clouds, Skruf Sweden, by Bengt Edenfalk, 1970's

$27.30 $39.00

This vintage glass vase from the 1970's has a modern aesthetic and a clean design, characteristic of its designer, Bengt Edenfalk. It is copper-wheel engraved, and signed on its base with the company name, Skruf.

The vase is small, 3.625" x 3.625" x 5.625" (92mm x 92mm x 143mm), and it weighs 1.81 pounds (0.82 kg). It is in very good condition, with just a small chip on the back rim, which does not detract from its coolness.

The Skruf Glassworks was founded in 1897 and is still operating today. Bengt Edenfalk was the artistic director at Skruf from 1952 - 1978. This is the only example of this design I have ever seen.

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