Kosta Lindstrand 1950's Engraved Swedish Vase, Woman & Butterflies, Unique Story Told in Glass


Vicke Lindstrand designed this vase while working as artistic director at Kosta Glassworks in Sweden (before they became Kosta Boda.) He called it "Leisure" and it's one of a series of mod, chic women he drew to be immortalized in glass.

The vase is small, 3.25" x 1.625" x 3.75" (83mm x 41mm x 95mm) and weighs 0.98 pounds (0.44 kg).

The artist, Vicke Lindstrand (1904-1983) was born in Goteborg, Sweden, and started his career with Orrefors in 1928, where he remained until 1940. The tales of his departure vary, but it is known that he was under an agreement not to work in glass for a decade. Between 1943 and 1950 he became creative leader at Uppsala Ekeby, where he designed many different stoneware objects ranging from pots to figural sculptures. In 1950 he joined Kosta Glasbruk as an artistic director. He was the dominant designer until his retirement in 1973, lending his name to many now classic designs. As a glass designer, textile and ceramic designer, and painter, he is considered a pioneer of Swedish art. (He is also my favorite Swedish artist, and the one whose work I collect most.)

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