Magnor Crystal Vase Hand-Engraved Horses from Norway


This large cabinet vase was made by Magnor Glassworks, Norway, in 1958, using the traditional copper-wheel engraving method. It is 9.25" tall and 4.5" in diameter (235mm x 115mm) and weighs 4.3 pounds (2 kg).

Eda glasbruk glassworks factory was first founded in 1830 in Värmland County, Sweden. In 1842, new owners took over the glass factory and in 1862 moved to a site in Västra Götaland County, Sweden. A branch location, first known as Geijerfors Glass Works, was started in 1896 at Magnor, a village in the municipality of Eidskog, in Hedmark, Norway.

Magnor Glassworks was established in a forested area near the border between Norway and Sweden. The large forests supplied fuel for the melting furnaces. While the operations on the Swedish side of the border have ceased, Magnor Glassworks is still in operation and produces tableware, vases and other art objects in glass. The company has manufactured glassware designed by Norwegian fashion designer Per Spook and Norwegian painter and artist Vebjørn Sand.

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