Skruf Engraved Swedish Crystal Vase, Woman Holding Up Baby, 1950's Design


This vintage glass vase from the 1950's has a loving motif of a woman lifting her baby and a clean design, characteristic of its designer, Bengt Edenfalk. It is copper-wheel engraved, and signed on its base with the company name, Skruf.

The vase is 3.625" x 3.625" x 5.625" (92mm x 92mm x 143mm), and it weighs 1.81 pounds (0.82 kg). It is in very good condition, with only minor scratches expected for its age .

The Skruf Glassworks was founded in 1897 and is still operating today. Bengt Edenfalk was the artistic director at Skruf from 1952 - 1978. This was a very popular design - and still is - charming and timeless.

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